Lionel Friedli, Max Frankl and Reto Suhner

Lionel Friedli: DRUMS

They say "All good things come in threes", and Max Frankl isn't about to let a good saying go to waste. Historically, the format of a trio is arguably the most challenging and yet leaves room and space like no other. With this group Max has taken it upon himself to try and stretch the boundaries as much as possible, while making sure that the interpretations and performances capture the essence of each original composition. The diversity and maturity of the players allows Frankl to increase and vary a fluid and exciting interplay with his fellow band mates, while also being able to diversify and cover different types of musical territory. The group's sound projects a constant contrast in tension and release which, depending on the situation, is exactly what the 34 year old guitarist is looking for. Besides Max Frankl, the current lineup features renowned Saxophonist, Reto Suhner and Drummer, Lionel Friedli. Characteristic of the manner in which this group plays, Max Frankl and his fellow musicians oscillate effortlessly between Jazz and Rock, garnished with a pinch of Bossanova and a few Psychedelic sounds. Distorted guitars, echo effects, tape-recorder-like de-lays and loops - all of these belong to Frankl's newer direction in sound, with which he guides the group and takes his listeners on a joint musical journey.

Be sure to catch CARGO when the chance arises. Have listen to Der Bar kommt heim and Gone to get an audio glimpse of what the Trio is all about.