The Art of Larry Grenadier

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“What I typically do with a lot of lessons is — I am playing. I am kind of playing the whole day. I am trying to teach people the way I was taught by osmosis, or whatever you want to call it. Giving them ideas through the music and showing them potential through the music. I try to bring my own perspective — the way I grew up in the music, and also all the musical experiences I have had since then.

It can’t just be theoretic or academic. Therefore, I always try to make the analog of what it takes to actively be playing with a lot of different musicians, to make the bass an active part of the music and to have the technique to express yourself clearly in a lot of different musical situations. Also, to learn to be ready for what might come based on my experience as a working bass player.“ Larry Grenadier

While filming a number of different lessons, we were able to observe the enthusiasm and meticulous manner Larry Grenadier applies as he teaches his students, all whilst projecting an extremely calm and reflective energy. The playful learning element, he describes in our interview, was always present and adding to a harmonious natural flow in each lesson. His focus always on the music itself, and on the improvement of the particular student’s playing. Dedicated to listening before advising and choosing musical interactivity as a primary method of guiding the lessons forward. A real pleasure and honor to witness.