After landing a rather prestigious endorsement deal with Ibanez Guitars, Max was really in need of promo photos that featured his beautiful new guitar and since he just happened to be living in New York at the time, we figured no better time than now! Thank you to Photographer, Rebekka Kühnis!



Max Frankl in Jazzpodium Magazine
Recorded for the label of his former teacher, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Max Frankl presents himself in his album "Home" as a fully matured musician and composer, whose own indisputable instrumental skills are subordinated to the overall picture of the pieces. It's a maturity that does not necessarily seem self-evident for one recently was awarded the Jazz Echo for best national guitarist. "Home" is the artistic manifest of a musician who has recognized that the language of musical jazz composition can only then have an enduring relevance, when all the musicians involved in the embodiment are given equal room to form their thoughts without losing the combination of the single voices. Frankl's ability to set the tone has jumped levels of quality to a league that could not have been expected in such a short amount of time. In great arches full of force, the musicians parley, color and comment. They hold monologues and dialogues whose narrative strength never lets down and fascinates intensely. To be without a home is to suffer, says Dostoyevsky. "Home" is an album to which listeners are always happy to return.

- Jazzpodium Magazine