Nir Felder and the beauty of music

Max Frankl and Nir Felder in Brooklyn, 2017

Max Frankl and Nir Felder in Brooklyn, 2017

When I recently met and interviewed the fantastic guitarist and composer Nir Felder for my podcast, I once again became aware of the importance of playing music every day. Without too my thinking involved, without formulating goals. Of course, it is important to set new goals and try to find a path for your musical journey. 

Nir has put it this way: "A lot of it (in music) is learned by doing."

Sometimes we forget that music tells us how to solve certain things. It is the flow of a composition that shows us how to improvise over a particular song. We can discuss melodic material, scales, triads, and shapes, but ultimately you can learn and experience it only by doing. Use this blog post as a reminder that it will always help you to take the guitar and just play. 

It's the beauty of music: the path is always the goal. It helps to leave the reflexive process, stop thinking and just enjoy the beauty of music. 

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