"Ease up. Breathe. You can change. Reduce pain, tension and fatigue and gain knowledge, confidence and comfort. Connect with yourself to improve self awareness, presence and mobility. Play better. Play more."

In this video, the fantastic Lori Schiff is my guest on the podcast. You'll get great insights into how the Alexander Technique could help you with back problems you have while playing your instrument.

You'll also get a great exercise (PDF) you can use to experience the enormous impact Alexander Technique has on your back, your sound and your overall well being.  Check out Lori’s fantastic exercise „The constructive rest“ here and download the PDF:


F.M. Alexander wrote, "the most valuable knowledge one can possess is that of the use and functioning of the self."

Lori Schiff teaches the Alexander Technique at The Juilliard School and at institutions and events across the country and internationally.
She has been teaching the Alexander Technique for more than 25 years to performers, athletes, business professionals, professors, writers, kids, high school and college students, doctors, lawyers, creative artists and anyone who wishes to improve the way they live and to do what they do. You can find her students in major orchestras and opera companies, on stages and in courtrooms, military posts, studios, classrooms, offices and athletic venues.

I first met Lori soon after a major pain issue in my lower back, and I had been in physiotherapy at that time, too. I was blown away by the effect Lori’s lesson had on my lower back problems, and I have been taking lessons whenever I came back to New York City. I’m more than happy to present this interview and have Lori as a guest on my podcast!