I love summer breaks! While I enjoy working on a lot of different aspects of my life as a professional guitarist throughout the year, I also need time to reflect on developments and experiences as a musician and artist. I always try to base my decisions for future projects on research and thorough study; July seems to be the perfect time for that, with its warm weather and lots of sunny days in Zurich.

My visit at Ibanez and D`Addario Germany in June turned out really great. I played some of my favorite Ibanez guitars and chose four of them that I will be playing in different musical situations in the future. I`ll keep you updated and will post some videos that feature the new instruments in the near future. Talking to the folks at D`Addario was a brilliant experience, as well. I have always played these strings because I felt at home with them from the first moment on. To actually be asked and able to give D`Addario feedback about new products, like the NYXL series, is a great privilege and makes me proud. I really respect the kind of trust they put into their artists. We will definitely develop some great things in the second half of 2015, I`m looking forward to all of it very much.  

Check out my page at Ibanez and see what I am currently playing and using.


Being a Vovox endorser for almost ten years now, I recently had the great pleasure again of visiting Jürg and the Vovox team at their factory in Ebikon, which is a small town located close to the beautiful city of Lucerne. Besides taking some pictures at the factory, I was also happy to shoot a little trio on their Tuesday afternoon walk at Lake Lucerne. They seemed to be very relaxed, but still very focused - which I liked a lot about them.

Back to business: From the first moment I checked out Vovox, it was clear to me that these cables would be an integral part of my equiment and sound from this point on. The quality I treasure most about these cables is that I feel connected to my guitar and amplifier in a way that I had never experienced before with any kind of other sound conductors. It is a pure joy to hear how the different registers of my instrument are clearly projected in the sound of the amplifier and how warm my guitar sounds while using this equipment.

Jürg is a true innovator, always searching for new things to find. The new project with Brooklyn artist Walrus Ghost will be entirely recorded with Vovox, also using one of their mind blowing new mics, built by Jürg's new spin-off brand Myrinx


After landing a rather prestigious endorsement deal with Ibanez Guitars, Max was really in need of promo photos that featured his beautiful new guitar and since he just happened to be living in New York at the time, we figured no better time than now! Thank you to Photographer, Rebekka Kühnis!