On Audiences and Connection

Max Frankl blogs on being on tour and meeting people.

I'm back from the tour and already preparing music for the upcoming radio show on October 14th when our gig in Munich will be broadcasted live on radio BR-Klassik. The concerts we recently played were both very nice; great venues run by fantastic people who designed a special place for music. Somehow, playing music is all about connection: You're by ear connected to your band members as soon as you start to play the first tune. You connect to the audience by the music and of course the things you tell them about it. Besides playing, my favorite thing to do at concerts and gigs is to have a chat with my audience. There are many funny stories that I get to know, learn about my music and the way people hear it. I meet old friends and get to know new people which I like to do. It's like a party, with music I like. With all the great things of your digital environments we live in, this connection from one human being to the other won't be replaced or artificially produced.