The Day before the Tour

Max Frankl blogs about the life of a touring musician.

There’s one special day in any musicians’ life, which is the day right before a gig or going on tour. It’s the day you make sure your practicing enabled you to play all the notes you want to. It’s the day you are thinking about set lists and solo spots. I try to imagine the sound of the venues, how my band will interact on stage and what I want to say to the audience. I think about the fact how much of a privilege it is to be able to play for people who came to hear my music. Every gig is a great chance of presenting the best version of yourself to your audience and friends, and that’s  the thing I love most about being a musician. You can show your evolution as a musician and human being. What a great way to spend your life! 
As I write this blog post, I am traveling to Munich by train. My father was a train driver, so I always feel very at home while being on a train. I look forward to playing my music with my band, which turned into great friends during the time we spent together. Our little tour brings us to an ancient villa in the heart of Munich and a new, great spot for live music in Traunstein, Bavaria.