I'm euphoric to announce that AMA Publishing released my first book on March 30th, 2016! I wrote this book especially for beginners who are interested in learning to play jazz guitar. Since I came across many books in my career as a young musician, I tried to offer some special tricks for practicing and composing that I couldn't find in other books. Right now the book is only available in German, but since I hear we're selling lots of copies, it will be a matter of months until the book will be available in English. In the meantime, you could check out my Masterclass program, in which I am currently offering one-on-one lessons/coaching to a select number of students. You will have the opportunity to discuss technique and the tactics of playing jazz and also have access and personal insight into my compositional approach. You will receive learning material custom tailored to your needs and interests. Furthermore, I'll answer all of the questions you might have and help guide you to achieving your personal musical goals.  

 If you are interested in booking master classes via Skype, please visit my masterclass site by clicking on the picture below. I look forward to hearing from you!