Etting > New York City

Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn

As you might not know by now, I grew up in a tiny town in southern Germany (300 people, twice as many cows), that didn`t even have a grocery store it had no store at all. There was a soccer field, but no music school. I was totally thrilled when I got my first acoustic guitar at the age of 13, bought some instructional books and became very obsessed with music. Nirvana and the Red Hot Chili Peppers became my school.
I was so into music that I brought these instructional books to my classes and was reading through them while my teacher tried to explain some math. My dream was to become a musician, move to New York City and play with all those excellent artists in the Big Apple.

So I grabbed all my money, studied music in three different European cities, practised for many hours, have released five albums until now, played lots and lots of sessions and finally made it: I was living my dream of being a guitarist. 
I was awarded "Best Guitarist National" in the 2012 ECHO Jazz Awards (the German version of the Grammys), toured Africa and moved to New York City shortly after that. What can I say? New York was more than the fulfilment of my dream! I met so many great musicians, got amazing new friends and love this vibrant city. My most favorite spot is the neighborhood I lived in, Clinton Hill. I walked around Fort Greene Park many, many times and also wrote a song about it. We recently shot a little video of a new project in Brooklyn, and this video features new music as well as me walking around the lovely Clinton Hill neighborhood. As I was walking around, I thought: 'This is exactly what I dreamed of when I was this little kid living in the small town of Etting, Germany'. I would love to know your thoughts on my trip from Etting to New York City. Just leave a comment on this blog post or just say "hi". I'd love to hear from you! 

Check out the video here...