On Stage

I have a particular habit of preparing for a concert or a tour, and it starts the minute I begin to practice the music, weeks ahead of the performance. This journey through a set of music gives me both confidence and trust; I couldn't play without that form of preparation. The day before the gigs is always special, too. I put together all the effects and devices I'll need, check out the travel routes and try to relax for some time. As soon as I am at the venue, the real fun starts. Soundchecks are most of the time comfortable and relaxing, and it's always nice to get together with your band, find a natural sound on stage and go through some of the pieces. As soon as the concert starts, you have to let go of all the things I just mentioned. Being on stage is special, unique and of course always different. The thing I enjoy most is the non-verbal communication that goes on during a performance. It's an open and honest way of sharing your thoughts on a musical topic, and there's no lying or pretending involved. It's the most positive way of seeing another human being the way she is and trying to come up with something that creates a story around that. These things happen- on stage.