Type Seth into Google

Max Frankl recommends Seth Godin's book Purple Cow

If you sit down and think about your life for a minute or two, you will remember situations or human beings that changed your life. That teacher in high school who saw your talent, encouraged you to learn more about it and helped you taking each new step in mastering your craft. Your friend Mark who wouldn't get tired of reassuring you that you are on the right path and just needed not to give up too soon. In my career as a musician, I had a lot of different teachers. Some of them taught me great material, some of them showed me a mind setting you need to be happy and productive as an artist. The single most important teacher in recent years I haven't met once in person. He's a humble human being and a brilliant thinker. He has inspired a huge number of people with his ideas and continues to do so. He is a seventeen times New York Times bestseller author. His ideas have changed my life, and especially they way I think about being an artist in 2016. No matter what industry or business you are in, I would strongly recommend that you check out his books and his online blog. Start with 'We Are All Weird' and 'Purple Cow'. Where do you find him? Type Seth into Google.