About Energy

One of the greatest things about being a musician is to be able to play for people. It might seem evident and clear, but maybe not entirely known is the fact that the audience plays a significant role in the process of a concert. Last week we played in front of a great crowd at Jazzclub Unterfahrt in Munich (picture: backstage after the gig at 1am) and the audience carried us through the first set; playing music felt great and comfortable. We could feel the energy of the people that came to see our show. The second set happened to be a live broadcast on public radio which is pretty unique. Most of the time music is recorded at a gig but will be aired days or weeks later. As soon as we could see the red light of being on air and heard the audience cheering and applauding, we felt an uplifting and positive vibe and energy that wasn't there to that extend in the first set. We started to play and took this extraordinary power and created a beautiful set of music which was entirely different from the first one. The feeling of thousands of people listening to our music in their living rooms gave us the extra kick to dig even deeper into the music. I'm sure that we'll never forget the way this recording felt like and I would encourage you to remember this story for the next concert you go to: It's not only between the music and the artist. It's between the artist and the audience which provides energy for the music to show up in its most beautiful way.    

Max Frankl backstage at Jazzclub Unterfahrt in Munich