I love summer breaks! While I enjoy working on a lot of different aspects of my life as a professional guitarist throughout the year, I also need time to reflect on developments and experiences as a musician and artist. I always try to base my decisions for future projects on research and thorough study; July seems to be the perfect time for that, with its warm weather and lots of sunny days in Zurich.

My visit at Ibanez and D`Addario Germany in June turned out really great. I played some of my favorite Ibanez guitars and chose four of them that I will be playing in different musical situations in the future. I`ll keep you updated and will post some videos that feature the new instruments in the near future. Talking to the folks at D`Addario was a brilliant experience, as well. I have always played these strings because I felt at home with them from the first moment on. To actually be asked and able to give D`Addario feedback about new products, like the NYXL series, is a great privilege and makes me proud. I really respect the kind of trust they put into their artists. We will definitely develop some great things in the second half of 2015, I`m looking forward to all of it very much.  

Check out my page at Ibanez and see what I am currently playing and using.