Video Workshop for Gitarre & Bass Magazine

When I was a teenager, I started taking guitar lessons with the local teacher outside of Munich. I got into music and the guitar pretty quickly and at the same time began to read every issue of Gitarre & Bass magazine from the first to the very last page. I soaked it all up and was so fascinated about every aspect of playing the guitar that I knew that I wanted to be a professional musician.

Fifteen years later the folks over at Gitarre & Bass in Cologne featured my album Fernweh and did an artist portrait about me in their April 2015 issue. They also invited me to do a video-workshop at their in-house studio. I was really proud to give insight into my career and the musical issues I deal with. We talked about my history as a musician, about the equipment I use to get the tone I search for and about some tricks to be able to learn jazz improvisation on the guitar. It was great fun to meet Lothar Trampert and Dieter Roesberg, check out the entire magazine facilities and of course talk about a lot of very interesting stuff. Definitely a day to remember for me!